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The Helix Plus & The Titan: Two of Our Favorite Mattresses

If you are a heavier individual because of your bone structure or height, you have likely experienced discomfort with most traditional mattresses for smaller and lighter people. The way most mattresses have you sinking into the abyss or being too tall for them is an issue that plagues your back and your neck, leaving you with less restful sleep. Taller people cannot exactly shrink to fit the traditional mattress, neither can they lose too much weight because of health concerns, so they will need an amazing mattress that fits the bill.  If you are a larger person looking for a...

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The Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Sleep and the Body

Over 20 percent of Americans admit to relying on alcoholic drinks over actual sleeping aids to help themselves sleep. What most people don’t realize, however, is that even moderate drinking can interfere with your sleep cycle more than actually improving it. Alcohol can affect sleep in all the wrong ways. It may feel like a sedative, but in reality, it is not. While we understand that it might be unrealistic and unreasonable to cut out recreational alcohol consumption from your diet entirely, it is important to understand how the substance interacts with the body. Alcohol can affect your circadian rhythms...

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4 Factors to Look for in a Suitable Mattress for Athletes – What to Know

While most people in today’s society live sedentary lives with a few hours of exercise each week, athletes continue to push their bodies to the limits to achieve extraordinary feats. Typically, more exercise and training bring about aching joints and sore muscles. With most muscle regeneration happening during deep sleep, these individuals need all the help they can get to maintain predictable sleep patterns.  If you’re an athlete shopping for mattresses, you’ll be pleased to know that there have been significant innovations made not only to encourage sleep but also to support your muscles as you rest. Here are four...

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3 Ways the Quality of Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

People across the world spend a third of their lives sleeping, but the majority don’t know the importance of creating a bedroom that is optimal for hitting the sack. The mattress's quality plays a starring role in this situation, especially since it can make all the difference between a blissful slumber or a night spent tossing and turning.  Investing in a new mattress can be expensive, but the support and comfort it provides for years makes every penny worth it. If you’re looking to put a snooze on your sleepless nights, the list below explores how a quality mattress can...

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A Back Sleeper’s Guide to Finding the Right Mattress: 5 Popular Mattresses

There is undeniable comfort that comes from stretching out in bed on your back, especially when you’re scrolling through your mobile phone, watching the TV, or even reading. Your body gets to relax in such a state, but only a few people prefer sleeping this way. Back sleeping, as it has been dubbed, has pros and cons. While experts suggest that back sleeping is ideal for keeping the spine straight and healthy, lying on your back needs additional support. For savvy back sleepers, choosing a mattress that supports this is crucial to keeping the natural curve of the spine intact...

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