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Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Only 8% of people enjoy sleeping in the nude, which goes to show that sleeping naked is not as common as you may think. Unfortunately, it also means that most people are missing out on several benefits of sleeping naked. We’ve put together a list of 7 benefits of sleeping naked that may change your mind about sleeping in the nude. Is Sleeping Naked Good for You? You are probably wondering why there are so few people who are sleeping naked.There is one simple reason you should and that's to enable your body's natural thermoregulation process. Thermoregulation is that our...

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Mattress in a Box Reviews 2019

Finding the right mattress is no simple feat, especially nowadays that there are so many options online that can’t be tested in stores. Whether you know you need a soft or firm mattress, or do not even know where to start, it is important to research prior to buying a new mattress. There are a lot of mattress in a box reviews out there from and we believe you should read as many as possible. After all, you spend a third of your life sleeping and using your mattress, so choosing the right mattress is crucial! We’ve got a list...

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Lack of Sleep and It’s Effects on Your Brain

Sleep is what biologists consider a primary biological need, something that no animal can live without, just like water and food. The average person spends one third of their lifespan, in this subconscious -- and exceptionally vulnerable -- state; and yet, the exact purpose of sleep eludes us. In the last two decades, we have seen enormous leaps in our understanding of sleep, however. We know that sleep plays a significant role in learning and memory, with all the brain activity patterns associated with newly-acquired information being "replayed" during certain phases of sleep to combine it. It's also clear that...

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Amazon Prime Day Mattress Sale & Deals for 2019

Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day 2019? The massive online retailer offers an Amazon prime day mattress sale and major discounts on sheets, bed accessories and other sleep products. This is the best time to purchase sleep products, especially if you missed out on July 4th mattress sales or if you don’t want to wait until Black Friday mattress sales. Holiday sales are the best time of year to invest into new mattresses at a lower price; even though the Amazon Prime Day mattress sale is not the focus of the sales, look out for it great discounts on...

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Complete Guide on How to Pick Out a Mattress

Have you ever heard someone say they love picking the right mattress? Probably not. Assessing the stores and websites, debating between foam and springs, and determining how much to spend can leave you feeling as if you will need a vacation. Instead, forget the strain and follow these tips which can allow you to navigate the pesky process of how to pick out a mattress. How to Pick out a Mattress Before learning how to pick out a mattress, you first need to understand the different types of mattresses. There are three common type: innerspring, foam, and adjustable. There is...

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