Best Buys

Let me put it this way, I have a website that reviews mattresses. I know how mattresses are made, what materials they use, what they are supposed to do for you and all of that. With that said, take a look at two brands that I highly recommend for anyone seeking more individualized comfort and dynamic support.

1. Saatva

  • You get all of the same quality of materials and construction as every other traditional mattress brand at a much lower price. So if for whatever reason an IntelliBED just doesn’t work for you, then of the many other brands, this is the best deal you can find. Coil on coil construction for under $1,000, plus the bio-based materials, plus a great website and great service make Saatva, a new player in the mattress world, my number two pick.

2. Simmons

  • I had a Simmons Beauty Rest before I got my IntelliBED mattress. It worked out great for me. The beauty of it (no pun intended) was that it worked for both me and my wife. I prefer a firm mattress and she prefers a soft mattress. Yet we both were fine on a Simmons Beauty Rest. The pocket coils really are something. And our king bed was under $1,000 which is a great price. Unfortunately it developed body impressions in just under two years, but this is true of any pillow top mattress.

3. Serta

  • The Serta Smartsurface™ Newfound Bay Super Pillow Top mattress delivers two features specific to temperature control. Below the plush pillow top comfort layer is the first, the SmartSurface™ layer. This layer provides enhanced cooling comfort. Next is Serta’s exclusive Cool Twist™ Gel Memory Foam. This layer contours around the weight and shape of your body so added comfort and support while providing you with cooling relief. If you have a problem with sleeping hot, this Serta mattress is a great option to take a closer look at.  Supporting the dual layers of temperature cooling foams as well as a plush pillow-top layer are motion-isolating innerspring coils designed to provide equal edge-to-edge support from the core of the mattress outward. I was curious as to how the temperate control materials would fair, since I am sort of cold-natured and get chilly quickly, but I must say, it provided quite an enjoyable level of cooling relief in areas that typically build up heat quickly like my neck, back and hips.

4. Tempur-Pedic

  • The Tempur-Weightless™ Select is a medium-feel bed that distributes your body weight across the mattress to help you find a comfortable, supportive position quicker. The Tempur® material used in the Tempur-Weightless™ Select quickly responds to the temperature, weight and shape of your body so you experience more even support while resting. Since the material used in the Tempur-Weightless™ Select is so fast-acting at absorbing weight, motion transfer is dramatically reduced. This means both you and your sleep partner get less disturbed sleep that allows you to truly rejuvenate in mind and body. I select the Tempur-Weightless™ Supreme as an entrant on the Best Buys List of 2014 because of its personalized comfort features. The Tempur™ material really agrees with every natural curve of your body.