adjustable beds With the introduction of adjustable beds that helps people suffering from apnea sleeping problem also to enjoy quality sleep like the healthy persons. However, the adjustable bed helps a victim to automatically readjusting itself, and making the airway quite open and prevent any blockage caused by the tongue to the airway.

Using this adjustable bed as a remedy to the problem is the perfect cure for this ailment. Through automatic readjustment, the bed’s to head position is raised, so as to changes the gravity positively to fit the patient’s sleeping position. Thus, enabling the patient’s tongue to have an open airway and makes the breathing process to be efficient.

However, sleeping apnea symptoms can only be improved by considering the following factors:

1.The body weight of a person

  • People heavy body weights, tends to have more challenges dealing with apnea sleeping problem as compared to those with average body weights, because persons with heavy body weights tends to have breathing problems caused by fats that makes the airway narrower and interfere with the functioning of the airway. As a result, the body tissue around the neck gain more weight and makes the airway narrower, thus making a person have challenges while breathing. However, you can be on the safer side by using an adjustable bed has it increases the size of the airway and relieving a patient’s areas of tenderness.

2.The adjustable bed is the perfect solution to apnea problem

  • People are suffering from this problem, have to make use of the adjustable bed as it’s the perfect remedy for your problems. The bed will adjust automatically, raising the head of a patient to a higher position than that of their feet. Thus, making the airway open and also keeps people in a relationship enjoy their sleeping time.

In conclusion, adjustable bed comes with different sizes, comfort ability and the price depends on the size and shape of the bed. However, many expensive adjustable beds are it’s the simple, reliable and prescribed cure for people suffering from apnea sleeping problems. In addition, one can cover the cost of the Adjustable mattresses, Adjustable bed history through the insurance companies available.

Insight Into How Your Sleep Position Impacts You

Posted on Wednesday Feb 11, 2015

adjustable bedsThe whole essence of using adjustable beds and adjustable mattress is to ensure that we have a comfortable sleep. There are many sleeping positions that range from sleeping on your side, sleeping on your back to sleeping on the stomach.

Sleeping on your side is the most recommended because it is comfortable, and your sleep is less interrupted. When you are sleeping on your side, you bend your knees a little bit in the direction of the chest to achieve maximum comfort. It is the best sleeping position for pregnant women and those who have back complications. You whole body will be relaxed, and you won’t feel pain on the back. When you sleep on your side, you will have adequate rest.

However, some people prefer sleeping on their backs. Though not the best of sleeping positions you can get comfort by putting a soft pillow under your knees to give you spine a natural curve that will guarantee a sound sleep. But when you decide to sleep on your stomach there is no good news for you. Sleeping specialists point out that sleeping on the stomach is the most uncomfortable sleeping position because it causes strain on the neck and the lower back. Most people who like this sleeping position are very restless because they toss a lot during the night when they are sleeping. In spite of that, you can still put your head on a very soft pillow or do not use a pillow to avoid straining your neck.

There are other sleeping positions like the fetus position. People using the fetus position are mainly women they are said to be very sensitive and shy. Then there is the log sleeping position; it involves sleeping on your side with both your hands down. Many of the individuals using the log position are said to be easy-going, they trust quickly and gullible at some point.

The yearner sleeping position is a style with both arms lying out in front of the body when sleeping on your stomach. Persons who sleep like this are said to open minded, suspicious, and stubborn. Another sleeping style is the soldier sleeping position. It is where individuals sleep on their backs with arms down. These people are reserved and hold themselves to a high standard. When sleeping in this position, you are most likely to snore and have a restless night.

The free-fall position is sleeping using the belly. These people are not always do not like criticism though they are very outgoing. The last sleeping style is the starfish sleeping position, people sleep with their arms up near the head as they lie on their backs. They are good listeners and are uncomfortable being the center of attention. They are also more likely to snore and have restless sleeps.

In conclusion, when you are using adjustable beds and adjustable mattresses you will be able to have a comfortable sleep without worry of the sleeping positions. The adjustable beds and adjustable mattresses are also affordable being that these beds are a onetime investment.

adjustable beds We all like our sleep. And when the time for sleep comes, we like to be able to sleep, not having to rely on a sip of antihistamine from a nightly dose of Nyquil. I’m talking about real, good natural sleep. And the best way to get that real, good natural sleep, is by eating real, good natural sleep food. So here’s a short list of some foods that can help. Pair these foods with the sleep enhancing power of adjustable beds, and truly feel the difference in quality sleep.

  • Walnuts
  • Cherries
  • Fish
  • Almonds
  • Dairy Products (not just milk
  • Lettuce

When looking for foods that let the body shut down, you want to hear words like tryptophan that are found in nuts, dairy products, and seeds. This chemical assists the body in making serotonin and melatonin, the key ingredients for the body’s internal clock. Cherries are one of the few foods that actually carry melatonin. These chemicals are away of turning up the volume so your body clock can hear its internal alarm saying, “It’s time for sleep!”

A way to bring on a natural drowsiness is by finding foods with lactucarium which is found in lettuce. Most people think of lettuce as a weight loss food, but it also has its own opium properties that calms down the body, making ready for rest or sleep.

Foods to avoid:

  • Preserved and Smoked Meats
  • Chocolates
  • Chili, Pizza, Tomato Sauce, and Spicy Foods
  • Energy Drinks
  • Alcohol

The last two aren’t foods, but if you want good sleep, you need to be aware of them. Energy drinks should go without saying, but even if you drink them in the morning studies show you will still have trouble sleeping at night.

Alcohol has been helping people reach sleep since its invention. But at the same time it prevents that deep needed sleep too. It may help you find an initial nap, but studies find that the person sleeping after a couple drinks won’t get past the second sleep stage. Alcohol won’t allow the sleeper to reach Deep Sleep or REM of the four stages of sleep.

Even though some foods and drinks seem to help with initial sleep, they don’t help with a sleep that refreshes the body. So if you want to find that refreshing sleep that wakes you feeling great, these are a few two lists to keep in mind. Keep in mind the positive effects of pairing a healthy diet with cutting edge technology used in adjusted beds. You’d be amazed at the difference a comfy and supported night’s sleep can have on you!

Sleep Support Solutions for Better Sleep

Posted on Monday Jan 26, 2015

adjustable beds One of the easiest ways to find uncomfortable sleep in your bed at night is by using equipment that’s not made for you. And one of the best ways to evenly distribute your weight on a mattress is with adjustable beds, contour memory pillows and other equipment suitable for a full night’s rest.

If you want to find that wonderful night’s rest in your bed, you need to come prepared, and you need the right equipment. For instance, if you suffer from lower back pain, an adjustable bed is one way you can relieve your lower back by inclining the bed, lessening the pressure off your lower back. Or contour memory foam pillows for that right formation your head needs to stay in the right position. There are many ways to reach that comfortable night’s rest, and there are many items that can help. Here’s a list to name a few.

  • Contour memory foam pillow
  • Mattress protectors
  • Sheets
  • Gel pillows
  • Curved support pillows
  • Slated bed bases

The importance for good sleep cannot be overstated, and the importance of the right equipment needs to be taken seriously. If you have a problem over heating at night, gel pillows can keep your head cool all night long. But if you need a more firm mattress to properly support those pressure points, then a bed with a slated base can give you that needed support. Curved support pillows also hold that proper curve in your neck, a pillow that’s recommended by any chiropractor. And let’s not forget about sheets, or the comforter. The right texture, the right weight, and the right amount of thread can be the difference between waking refreshed, or waking up with that groggy feeling.

If you’re looking for a full night’s rest, then you’re going to need to be prepared, and you’re going to need to have the right equipment. You don’t need the facts to understand we all have differences. You can see it when you walk outside, go to the store, walk into a restaurant. We all have our differences, and we all have our special needs when it comes to looking for that full night’s rest. Don’t look for it unprepared.

dreamfit sheetsHave you ever heard of the Las Vegas Market for Furniture, Decor and Gifts? I attended this year, and it was great! It takes place every year at he World Market Center in Las Vegas, and provides businesses from across the nation with an opportunity to showcase their current products, reveal new products and expand their brand’s presence. Some of the biggest names in the industry were represented at the Las Vegas Market like Sleep Number, Comfortaire and DreamFit just to name a few heavy hitters.

The point of this Market is specifically for retail space. Retailers from all over attend this event to find the newest high quality “hot items” to add to their stores/showrooms. This gathering is an excellent opportunity for brands to come together, collaborate, and most importantly provide the best products to those who ultimately matter the most – their customers.

Las Vegas Market Mattress Industry Highlights

The following brands left a long lasting imprint on the Las Vegas Market with attention-commanding product displays:

  • Comfortaire. The team of sleep professionals at Comfortaire took this year’s Market as an opportunity to roll out the best in innovative sleep technology. On Sunday January, 18 they debuted the Q10 Personal Wireless ™ control system. This wireless remote comes fully loaded with latest in comfort and support features including 100 Comfort Settings ™, one touch memory, one touch instant fill and an easy-to-read LED screen. This new wireless remote takes operation of the new Genesis, Nouvelle and Ultimate Comfortarie collections to a whole new level of simplistic ease.Comfortaire didn’t stop with the Q10 wireless remote.

    They also took their time at the Las Vegas Market to showcase the Attune Design ™ of their three newest adjustable bed collections mentioned above. A common problem in many adjustable beds in the middle portion and mattress edges. These are common problem areas as they have a tendency to “slump” or create a “ditch” type area where the body is not properly supported. With Comfortaire’s new Attune Design ™, the entire mattress surface from one site to the other is fully supported with edge-to-edge air, removing problems like dips in the mattress surface.

  • DreamFit Sheets. If you’re mattress savvy and didn’t know of DreamFit sheets before the Las Vegas Market, you do now. Dreamfit Sheets are the absolute best in the industry when it comes to dressing and protecting adjustable beds. Unlike majority of other brands of sheets that have problems remaining fastened to adjustable mattress as they inflate, deflate and shift due to adjustable bed bases, DreamFit Sheets contour with the mattress and don’t budge. This means Comfortaire adjustable mattress owners will have less nighttime disturbances while they experience reinvigorating rest.

The Las Vegas Market was a major eye-opener for many  competing retailers seeking that competitive edge. Comfortaire and DreamFit Sheets did any excellent job bringing their bedding best to the table, and it will be exciting to see the innovative products they create in the future in the name of restful, rejuvenating sleep!

Mattress Type Feature: Learn What’s Best for You

Posted on Wednesday Jan 14, 2015

adjustable beds There comes a time when we know we need a new mattress. Over time, our bodies change and need a more comfortable and flexible mattress. Most people agree that the best bed is one that feels the most comfortable. One type of mattress is the innerspring mattress. This kind of mattress supports your body with coil springs and each coil spring is separately enclosed. Innerspring mattresses range in firmness, fluffiness on the pillow top and in price. Some experts say that if you buy an innerspring mattress, buy one that is more expensive than others.

Another kind of mattress is the memory foam mattress. They are made of many layers of foam that respond nicely to temperature and weight and are known to be comfortable because they contour to the shape of a person’s body. Because they form to your body, they reduce pressure points on the body and relieve pain. However, some say that a memory foam mattress can make you feel very warm during the night.

The latex mattress is another type of mattress. Latex mattresses are made from synthetic or natural rubber and also have a nice bouncy support. It is firm, supportive and especially good for those who need extra support for their back. However, if you don’t like extra support, then this mattress would not work well for you. On the other hand, some like air mattresses. They look like a standard innerspring mattress but instead use air-filled chambers instead of coil. What some like about this mattress is that the firmness of each side of the bed can be altered.

  • Many prefer adjustable beds. Adjustable beds have several advantages over other mattresses because they can bend and elevate at various angles.
  • The mattress is flexible and different types of mattresses can be used on an adjustable bed such as latex or memory foam.
  • This bed is especially nice for those who have difficulty getting in or out of bed or those who like to watch TV in bed.
  • Those who suffer from acid reflux or sleep apnea would find this mattress especially helpful and comforting.
  • In addition, those who suffer from hip or back pain would also find this mattress flexible and comforting.

To conclude, mattresses last a long time; however, there comes a time when your body needs more comfort. Find out how a better mattress can enhance your health. Check out the aforementioned mattresses, try several out at your local furniture store and choose one that will best fit your needs! A more comfortable mattress can make a huge difference in your health!

adjustable beds Good sleep can help a couple’s love grow stronger. In fact, after a long day at work, couples can discuss various subjects as they relax on the bed. Choosing a quality mattress solves sleeplessness problem that might cause stress in a relationship. In addition, it enhances the health of a couple as they can take adequate rest and eliminate common health issues such as back pain that can lead to impatience, impoliteness and moodiness that kill romance. Fortunately, this guide outlines the masters’ approach for shopping mattresses for couples.

Types of Mattresses

  • Memory foam and latex
  • Wrapped coil
  • Latex hybrid or layers of memory foam
  • Modern inner spring mattresses

The first consideration, a couple should take when planning to purchase adjustable beds, is establishing its price. Internet shopping simplifies the process for searching for prices. However, various stores may have a specific mattresses type but under different brand names. For example, a couple purchasing adjustable mattresses should look for evaluate the features instead of brands.

Second, purchase a mattress designed for a particular bed. For example, a couple should purchase a mattress designed for adjustable beds although other varieties can fit. If a mattress is designed for relieving back pain, but it is used in an inappropriate bed, it cannot accomplish its intended objective.

Third, couples should purchase a mattress that makes both of them comfortable. Since a couple would spend about a third of their life on a bed, purchasing a durable mattress is essential. The surest way, to get a durable and comfortable mattress, is through purchasing renowned brads with a good reputation in manufacturing quality mattresses. In many cases, famous brands could be a bit expensive, but the cost is worth in terms of comfort and durability.

Finally, choose a mattress that offers money back guarantee and lengthy warranties. Companies providing guarantee to clients have confidence with the quality of their products, hence making them a great choice for couples looking for maximum comfort in bed.

In summary, quality mattresses keep couples relaxed, happy and healthy. These qualities are essential for a healthy and long lasting marriage.

adjustable beds The type of mattress you sleep on can have a severe impact on your health and also on your overall life. Mattress types that attract dust, pollen grains, and dust mites can cause problems especially to allergy sufferers. Thus choosing the right mattress type is crucial if one is to avoid allergies. Research has shown that adjustable beds are the best choice for allergy sufferers as they do not attract dust, pollen grains and dust mites. Below are other mattresses that best suits people with allergies.

Memory foam mattress - Memory foam mattresses are made of dense visco-elastic foam. Visco-elastic foam is a friendly material to allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic and does not provide suitable condition for mite survival. It is worth noting that the denser a memory foam mattress is the lesser the chances it offers to the survival of dust mites. It is thus prudent for allergy suffers to go for denser foam mattresses.

Latex mattress - This is another mattress type that best fits allergy sufferers. Latex mattresses are made from latex foam, a material that is resistant to most allergens making the mattress best suit allergy sufferers.

Hypoallergenic mattresses - The goal of an allergy sufferer is to choose a mattress made of anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and natural materials. Although the two mattresses motioned above are Hypoallergenic it is always wise to consult mattress experts as not all foam and latex mattress are made of genuine materials. For best results always ask for specially designed hypoallergenic mattresses.

Other measure that can help get rid of you allergy include.

  • Exercising often.
  • Keeping your room clean.
  • Ensuring your room is well ventilated.

If you are an allergy sufferer and your mattress is causing you long sleepless nights, then you need not to worry any more. Just try any of the above mattresses and enjoy quality restorative and soothing sleep. It is also worth noting that mattresses have a life span, adjustable beds and mattresses have a long lifespan and are thus the best choice to go for.

adjustable mattress

One of the greatest things about an adjustable mattress is to guarantee that there is no disturbance between the partners during sleep. If one of the partner moves, the other should not be able to feel it. If the mattress transmits one of the partner’s movements, I assure that you will not be calm the whole sleeping session. The nature and type of the mattress you buy will play greatest role in the amount of partner’s disturbance.

So there are several factors that aid couples at shopping for good adjustable mattresses. The first factor is that the mattress should allow plenty of space between the couples. If there is adequate space between the partners to move without hitting and bumping into each other, then they will get a fascinating sleeping session. The movement by one partner will cause a physical contact thus waking up the other partner. A king size mattress is ideal because it ensure sufficient space.

Price of the mattress is also another factor. To directly compare prices for the various brands of mattresses is quite difficult. This is because most of the retailers do not carry similar brand names. To compare, indicate their construction modes of a particular model you prefer. Ensure you opt for a mattress that is friendly to your budget but sufficient to give you restful night.

They should also consider customizing firmness level of their mattress. This arises when one of the partners desires a softer and the other desire a firmer mattress. Most mattress companies can allow their customer to select the firmness level of mattress. In addition for customized mattress, there are adjustable beds. The mattress you buy should be suitable to such kinds of beds.

Several partners are happily surprised by the comfort they experience when they buy a adjustable mattress. It is indeed true that a good mattress is not only meant for comfortable sleep, but also strengthens a wonderful relationship.


Essential Sleeping Tips for a Restful Night

Posted on Tuesday Dec 16, 2014

adjustable air mattresses

In case you are having disturbed sleep, there are several essential steps that you can take to improve the condition. The first is to take a look at your mattress. Are you taking advantage of the several benefits of adjustable air mattresses? Do you There are numerous factors that can lead to sleep problems including:

  • Noise
  • Lighting
  • Inappropriate mattress

One of the most important things to consider in ensuring restful sleep is having the right mattress. Having the wrong or an old mattress will not only lead to turning and tossing at night but will also lead to feeling achy when you wake up and even waking up several time as you adjust your sleeping position. It is also important that you use the appropriate pillow. Wrong pillows can keep you awake and uncomfortable. Experts recommend that you use a flatter and softer pillow.

The lighting of your bedroom can also greatly affect your sleep. Artificial light such as electricity has largely been useful when it gets dark. However, having your bedroom brightly lit late at night can have a negative impact to your circadian rhythm. Staring at bright TV and computer screens right before you get to bed can also lead to sleeping irregularity. It is advised that you switch to a dimmer room for sometime before you sleep.

For those who live in the cities that have bright streetlights right next to your window, you can have the blackout curtains. The lights can keep you awake at night but the blackout curtains will keep your room dark, enhancing your sleep. You can also be having sleeping problems due to noise coming from the streets or even a snoring partner. In this case, you can choose to have a noise machine that will help make your sleeping environment more favorable. A fan is commonly used for the purpose of a noise machine as it covers up the ambient noises, besides regulating the temperature in your bedroom.

Finally, a heavy blanket can also be a good solution to make you sleep more soundly. Heavy blackest helps to calm your body nerves, preparing your body for sleep. Also, remember to evaluate the sleep enhancing features of adjustable air mattresses. Ensure that you follow these essential tips to make your night comfortable and restful.


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