Serta is the latest to take on TempurPedic mattresses offering a cheaper alternative to memory foam mattresses. One thing that really sets them apart from Tempurpedic is that they add a thin layer of gel on top of the memory foam core to advert the problem of sleeping hot.

The Good

As mentioned Serta mattresses are a cheaper, improved alternative to TempurPedic. One of the biggest problems with memory foam mattresses other than sagging and body indentation is having the foam retain warmth and overheat. Serta’s gel layer reduces that heat problem and makes memory foam mattresses that much more appealing. The icomfort model that adds this gel layer has a very high owner satisfaction rate and a great 25 year warranty.

The Bad

The icomfort, having just came out, is still marking up reviews and no one is quite sure yet how durable the mattress is or just how long its lifespan will be. Chances are however, that because it is made up of foam (even if it’s high quality foam) it will have a reduced lifespan among other bed types.