Select Comfort

Select Comfort also known as Sleep Number are the biggest providers of permanent air mattresses. These mattresses have adjustable levels of firmness that allow each side of the bed to change.

The Good

The obvious plus on a Select Comfort mattress is the adjustable firmness levels. Couples who have different preferences can set their own firmness level that does not effect the other. Select Comfort also has a significant advantage in longevity compared to other mattresses. These mattresses by relying on mostly air instead of foam do not have as many sagging or body indentation problems. They are also able to be lightweight because of the lack of foam. The mattresses’ life lasts an average of about 10 years, which surpasses most other mattresses.

The Bad

If the firmness level between a couple is significantly different, then in a lot of cases a problem appears in the middle of the mattress in the form of a valley or hump. Another problem that applies only to air beds is the problem of air loss. Sometimes these air beds lose air due to the weather or just loose connections. Mold can also be a problem if the bed is in a humid and hot area. One of the biggest reasons to skip these mattresses however is the price. The price of a Select Comfort can run you anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000!