Sealy is generally the go-to brand when it comes to mattresses. They have the most control over their products due to owning their manufacturing plants across the US. Their pricing is also very good as most of their mattresses sell from $250-$1000. The quality Sealy brings to their mattresses is very good and is more than likely why they have become one of the biggest contenders in the mattress scene. The most popular model from Sealy would be there PosturePedic.

The Good

When it comes to quality vs price, Sealy definitely wins. They are perhaps one of the most trusted companies in the sleep industry. They have a fairly large percent of good owner satisfaction in the market and fairly reliable warranties and customer service. The PosturePedic has an average lasting rate of over 6 years, which is pretty good considering how long other mattresses last.

The Bad

As with most mattress companies the complaints about sagging and body indentations give Sealy a lot of trouble. Having a mattress use foam materials, no matter what the brand, brings in a lot of these complaints. If you want a longer lasting mattress, look to buy a firmer one (with less foam) or consider buying a latex or gel mattress.