Over decades people have become the most familiar with innerspring mattresses. Out of the entire mattress type spectrum, the innerspring is the most widely used and the most cost effective. These mattresses are constructed with a basic foundation, a tight network of steel coil springs and layers of insulation and cushioning. These materials are manufactured together into a full range of comfort options. The steel coil core portion of the mattress provides support for the sleeper’s body.

Firmer innerspring mattresses use a higher “coil count” to achieve the stronger firmness. A higher coil count does not necessarily mean that the mattress is better. The coils can be tempered in different ways, be thick or thinner, have more turns in them, and may be put into the mattress in a different way.

Innerspring Coil Types

  • Individually wrapped coils –  All moving independently, individually wrapped coils do a better job at absorbing motion while providing individualized comfort. Since each coil is placed in its own pocket they do a better job at contouring to the body and reliving pressure.
  • Traditional Bonnel Spring  – For over 100 years traditional bonnel innersprings have been the most popular innerspring coil type. All of the steel coil springs are networked together through a thick wire frame. This type of innerspring offers owners comforting pressure relief and a longer lifespan.
  • Continuous Coil – This system uses a single interlocking wire that forms a series of S-shaped loops. This interlocking creates a more durable core and can allow for more coils to be used in the mattress.
  • Open Coil – These coils are hourglass shaped and are joined by smaller wires called helicals. These beds are reliable, distribute weight evenly, and in general cheaper than the other types.
  • Offset Coils – Offset coils are much like open coils, but instead of being round on the top of the coil they are square. These coils tend to be more durable and are found in higher end mattresses.

The Good

Due to the wide availability and firmness variety of innerspring mattresses, prices range to suit any budget. In terms of comfort choices, innersprings range from soft-as-a-feather to more firm feels. Some versions offer exceptional motion isolation making them sleep partner friendly.

The Bad

Innerspring mattresses are lacking in the categories of durability and longevity. The steel coil spring cores have a tendency to compress over time. This can cause significant discomfort over time. Also linked to spring compression are body impressions and excessive noise that can develop.