Englander offers a great high quality, traditional mattress for a fair price. They have been around since the 1890′s and have done more than enough to improve on the comfort of their products.

The Good

Englander puts a lot of research into their products and come up with some innovative ideas for their mattress materials. One of their new break-throughs is their Egel mattress that uses a special bond of memory foam and solid gel cells. Their mattresses have many organic materials like natural latex and organic cotton.  The Englander latex and memory beds have virtually no noise and their innerspring models are fairly quiet as well.

The Bad

Although they have a more fair price and innovative materials, these hefty mattresses do not have a very long lifespan. A big problem among owners of Englander mattresses is premature sagging. Most of these mattresses will not last past 7-8 years.