Comfortaire takes pride in being the mattress industry’s “Original Air Bed Company™.” They have steadily perfected a variety of cutting-edge adjustable air beds for over 30-years now. The secret is in the air. Comfortaire’s entire adjustable air mattress product line utilizes a the new Whisperflo 7200 air pump and urethane air bladders in the core of the mattresses. In addition, Comfortaire beds contain memory foam and some of the plushest, most breathable fabrics to consistently deliver the highest level of customizable comfort and dynamic support. Their air mattresses are sold to all, but they are especially geared towards those who suffer from sleep-degrading issues such as irritated pressure points, pain in the neck, shoulders, back and hips, or anything else that can be tied back to sleeping on a mattress with inadequate comfort and support for you.

mattress and blue pillow

The Good

The tremendous amounts of research, testing and improvements Comfortaire has applied to their sleep solutions over the years have clearly helped escalate them to the top of the air mattress hierarchy with a 83-percent overall customer satisfaction rating. The exceptionally high levels of individualized comfort these beds deliver to owners is ideal for pain relief, and boils down to two words: adjustable comfort. Comfortaire air mattresses allow owners to adjust the firmness level of their mattress to their desired feel whether that be more firm or plushly-soft. Comfortaire offers customers a variety of mattresses, all with adjustable comfort capabilities including 16 models total. Another valuable benefit of Comfortaire adjustable air mattresses is their helpful return policy. They aim to help their customers ensure their new Comfortaire selection is the perfect fit for them with a 100 in-night home-trial period, in addition to all of their mattresses having a 25-year warranty agreement.

The Bad

Market research reveals nearly 25-percent of Comfortaire adjustable air mattress owners experience technical difficulties ranging from air leaks to air pump malfunctions. Many owners also note that the noise emitted from the Whisperflo 6200 air pump can be disturbing to himself or herself, or their sleep partner while they are asleep.

Adjustable Air Bed Technology

Comfortaire recently introduced the Whisperflo™ 7200, a state-of-the-art air control system for inflating and deflating the air chambers located within every Comfortaire bed to the perfect comfort level for your needs. The Whisperflo™ 7200 is Comfortaire’s seventh generation air control system with several enhanced features that will make owning an adjustable air bed that much more comfortable and supportive. Here are some of the newer features Whisperflo™ 7200:
  • Firm-Soft. Now can take your Comfortaire mattress from soft-to-firm or vice versa all at the push of a button. One press of the air control button located on the easy-to-use remote controller, and your bed will immdiately respond to deliver the level of firmness that you need to get deep sleep.
  • Full Fill. When you are not enjoying the one-of-a-kind comfort of your Comfortaire, simply press the new “Full” button, and the Whisperflo™ 7200 air control system inflates your mattress firm to full. This gives the crisp “new mattress” look.
  • Quiet Light. What’s worse than having to get up at night and turn on a bright light after being asleep for a few hours? It can sometimes take you hours to get back to sleep after signalling to your brain that it’s time to start the day by lighting the room. 
  • Memory. Gone are the days of having to fumble with your Whisperflo™ remote trying to find the same firmness setting that you deliver wonderful sleep to you the night before. After finding a comfortable setting, simply press the “Mem” button, and the Whisperflo™ 7200 will remember your firmness setting, so you don’t have to!
  • Whisper Quiet. There may come a time when you need to adjust your firmness setting in the middle of the night. Before, this would present a challenge if you have a sleep partner whom you don’t want to disturb with air pump noise. With the Whisperflo™ 7200, you can adjust your Comfortaire mattress at any time throughout the night without disturbing the person next to you, because the new air control system is whisper quiet.

Comfortaire has consolidated innovation, creativity and years of experience in the adjustable mattress industry to create this cutting edge air control system. It should come as no surprise that each of our bodies are different and require different things out of a mattress. With the Whisperflo™ 7200, you are able to truly customize your sleep experience for your needs!