Aireloom is a popular brand among famous celebrities that tends to use the highest quality matterials in the manufacturing of their beds. A lot of their beds use steel innerspring units, high density poly foam, dupont latex, damask, and even bamboo to create a specialized mattress system.

The Good

The Aireloom beds range from pleasantly firm all the way to very deep and cushioned. They also do not have the problem of sleeping hot unlike most foam mattresses and have minimal off gassing. The warranties offered by Aireloom are pretty good and usually last a little longer than most competitors.

The Bad

These beds tend to be quite pricey and market their self saying they are, “The Hand Made Mattress”. This is all well and good, but the truth is that most higher-end mattresses are hand assembled anyways. Another problem is that foam mattresses in general start to wear out and sag rather quickly. Considering the price of Aireloom beds, one would hope to get a good number of years out of it before the mattress starts to wear.

The firmer mattresses Aireloom makes provide better support and are more likely to last longer than the softer, cushioned mattresses.