Experiencing Better Sleep With The Dream Air Bed’s 5-Series

Posted on Thursday Oct 3, 2013

Dream Air Beds 5-Series is the most popular air mattress model offered out of their entire product line.Adjustable air beds have satisfied so many customers, that as a mattress type overall they receive a 78-percent owner satisfaction rating. Why are they so popular? Among the many reasons, perhaps the most standout is their ability to deliver infinite adjustable comfort. That’s exactly what the Dream Air Beds 5-Series delivers to owners. This model has led the way out of all of Dream Air Beds models as their best selling model overall.

The ultimate comforting power of the Dream Air Bed’s 5-Series resides in the digitally controlled system used to inflate or deflate the mattress to your desired level of satisfaction. Operators simply adjust the firmness or softness of their Dream Air Beds 5-Series mattress between 0 to 99. The way these adjust air beds are designed, as your numeric value changes so does the ideal combination of plush comfort and dynamic support for you.

Dream Air Bed’s 5-Series

Dream Air Beds offers the 5-Series in every mattress size from a twin, all the way to a California king. Prices start at $799.00 and can climb to $1549.00 for the larger mattress sizes.


  • Dual Adjustability. So that you and your sleep partner can enjoy the customizable comfort of the Dream Air Bed’s 5-Series equally, each side of the bed is independently adjustable. This way, your softness or firmness preference will no longer disturb your sleep partner.
  • Firmness Variety. With the firmness controls ranging from “0″ for a plush and soft feel, to “99″ for a more firm feel, the Dream Air Beds 5-Series offers the ideal level of firmness no matter of sleeper preference. Owners control the softness or firmness with Dream Air Beds patented digital number display for easy control.
  • Longevity. Considering all the parts that make up the Dream Air Beds 5-Series are interchangeable, this type of bed has an exceptional lifespan. Compared to mattress types like the innerspring, which has to be replaced entirely if a problem develops, the 5-Series largely outweighs in its durability and longevity.
  • Less Pain or Pressure Point. The durable vulcanized air chambers used in the 5-Series are ideal for contouring to the natural curves of the body. Nearly 10-percent of 5-Series owners claim the exceptional level of support this provides relives, if not prevents pain in the neck, shoulders, back and hips entirely.


  • Noise. Due to the fact that an air pump must be used to inflate or deflate the mattress, noise can become an issue for owners. This is espeically a problem when trying to operate the air pump during the night. Excessive noise, to the point of waking their sleep partner has been reported by at least 8-percent of Dream Air Beds 5-Series owners.
  • Ready To Use. Unlike other types of mattresses, such as the innerspring, the 5-Series requires assembly. Owners report that it can take anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours depending on how many people you have during the set up.
  • Even Surface. Almost every air bed brand faces this issue. The difference in firmness levels that meet in the middle of the bed can sometimes create a “gorge” or “trench” that is uncomfortable and disrupts the surface of the mattress.

With the customizable comfort and dynamic support provided by the Dream Air Beds 5-Series, customers are much more likely to experience undisturbed, invigorating sleep.When it comes to shipping and warranty agreements, Dream Air Beds has plenty to offer customers for added reassurance. To begin, they offer free shipping to and from your home in the event the adjustable air mattress does not meet your needs. In addition, the 5-Series comes with a 90-day trial period and a 20-year warranty agreement on all interchangeable parts used to run the air mattress technology.

Air mattresses are leading in customer satisfaction for a reason. People enjoy the customized comfort. A product that you enjoy using is a product that you are happy with, and that certainly remains true with the Dream Air Beds 5-Series!

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