Marvelous Middle Support With Restonic ComfortCare Collection

Posted on Tuesday Oct 8, 2013

Restonic's Marvelous Middle Construction helps support the most important part of the body while it rests.What’s the middle of your mattress like? Does it still fully support you, or has it begun to sag or compress with time? The center-third of your bed is where your body requires the most support while resting, so when searching for a new innerspring it’s important to evaluate all innerspring options to see which can support you where it matters the most. Take for instance the Restonic ComfortCare Collection. For over 70 years now Restonic have confronted the sagging center-third of innerspring mattresses head-on. They have now developed the exclusive Marvelous Middle Construction in the ComfortCare Collection to remedy this common problem so their customers can get the good sleep they deserve.

The Restonic ComfortCare Collection consists of three types of mattresses. Each is constructed with Restonic’s unique Marvelous Middle Construction. This means more coils are arranged in the center-third of the mattress for an additional 25-percent more support. As one of the most standout qualities of the Restonic ComfortCare Collection, this is a standout feature for lumbar and natural alignment support.

Restonic ComfortCare Collection

This mattress series ranges in price, starting at $400 up to $2,200. The models of this series, include:

  • Restonic ComfortCare
  • Restonic ComfortCare Select
  • Restonic ComfortCare Signature 


  • Superedge Plus.  Each mattress type in the ComfortCare Collection is surrounded by high-density foam. This provides an edge-to-edge sleep surface with less risk of the edge support breaking down over time.
  • Airflow Border. The ComfortCare Signature model takes the edge foam support to the next level with the Airflow Border. This sleep technology allows your mattress to breathe, which helps control your body temperature as well as reduces odor build up.
  • Spirallock Technology. Restonic’s unique spirallock technology increases the motion isolation of the ComfortCare Collection mattresses. Now, motion transfers between sleep partners can be greatly reduced from side-to-side of the mattress.
  • Tempa Gel. Included in the ComfortCare Signature model is the Tempa Gel, which is used as an additional layer of comfort and support that reacts to the shape and weight of your body. Its body support is exceptionally resilient and has been described by previous owners as a “hug” for your body while it rests.


  • Durability. One of the main complaints for Restonic mattresses is their tendency to sag over time. Initial comfort is above satisfactory for most owners, however, nearly 30-percent report their Restonic mattress sags within the first few years of their purchase.
  • Noise. Issues with noise levels in innersprings mattress are shared across most all brands. As springs compress within an innerspring, some noise may come from the mattress.
  • Less Pain. Contrary to Restonic’s release of the innovative Marvelous Middle Construction, at least 15-percent of owners report that their Restonic ComfortCare model does not reduce pain in the neck, shoulders, back or hips.

The Restonic ComfortCare Collection is a leader in innerspring mattresses designed to provide owners with better, deeper rest.Unfortunately, Restonic beds do not come with any in-home trial periods. However, they do offer a warranty agreement between 10-years and 15-years depending on the specific model you select.

The Restonic ComfortCare Collection is a finely crafted series of mattresses that are designed to keep your body supported where and when you need it. Restonic continues to be an innovator in the mattress industry with sleep solutions like the ComfortCare Collection, because after all, a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep is an absolute right, not a privilege!

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