Enhancing Your Sleep Experience With the FlexFit Plus

Posted on Wednesday Nov 20, 2013

With the FlexFit Plus, customers can seek relief from aching backs, joint pain and tension pain usually found in the neck, shoulders, back or hips.Have you ever heard of an adjustable bed base? There are many customers who are interested in buying this product, since it offers many great features and benefits for all users regardless of if you are suffering from a back issue or not. FlexFit Plus is a cutting-edge adjustable bed base that is produced by Sleep Number.┬áThere are many reviews about this product, ranging from customers who are beyond happy with their adjustable base, to others who think the product could improve. To help you decide if an adjustable base could benefit your sleep needs, I am going to take a closer look at this product for this week’s review.

The FlexFit Plus takes bed performance to an entirely new level. Sometimes tossing and turning, or rolling from your stomach to your back is not enough to find the right position to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. With the FlexFit Plus, customers can elevate their upper and lower body as desired for comfort unlike any they have experienced before. This type of adjustable base promotes a healthy posture through customized support, which is outstanding at relieving a wide variety of common sleep-related issues like lower back pain, pain from arthritis, acid reflux or minor aches and pains. Also in terms of size, the FlexFit Plus fits all standard bedroom furniture, but ideally this adjustable base best matches all types of beds designed by Sleep Number specifically.

Sleep Number FlexFit Plus

This sleep technology elevates the comfort and support of your mattress to the next level, and starts at $1999.99 for a Queen size.


There are many benefits of the FlexFit Plus for all customers. Those who once suffered from a poor quality mattress can now elevate their upper and lower body with the FlexFit Plus for improved comfort and overall sleep wellness. This product comes with fully customizable settings that allow owners to easily set their bed to their favorite position through remote control.

The FlexFit Plus also comes with a massage feature, which is handy for customers who want to feel that much more rejuvenated when they wake. The massage feature gently works out tension areas in the back and neck while you experience improved rest.

Other chief strengths of the FlexFit Plus by Sleep Number, include:

  • Easy to operate.
  • Can be easily cleaned.
  • Enhanced comfort.
  • Improves the overall sleeping experience.

Through easy remote access, owners of the FlexFit Plus by Sleep Number can elevate their upper body, lower body or both to reach their desired level of comfort. Weaknesses

  • Installation. Some owners experience difficulties installing their FlexFit Plus adjustable base under their bed. This product does come with a manual of instructions; however, this base is quite heavy, so some owners have to seek the assistance of an installation setup service by contacting Sleep Number. This can extend the amount of time owners have to wait until they can start enjoying their newly improved bed.

FlexFit Plus is a wonderful product for enhancing the overall sleep experience of your mattress while you rest. Sleep Number has taken a dense topic like sleep position modification, and delivered it in a sleek, simple and effective product that is easily controlled by customers all at the push of a button. Next time you are seeking ways to improve the quality of your sleep – think Sleep Number!

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