Springing Into Comfort With Sealy’s Traditional Innerspring

Posted on Friday Nov 1, 2013

The twice-tempered coil system as well as layers of cushioning materials including memory foam and latex take the Traditional Innerspring's comfort to a new level.When it comes to a traditional innerspring mattress, Sealy has all the bases covered. From comfort to support, Sealy has designed their Traditional Innerspring to be an affordable sleep solution for those dealing with a mattress that leaves them feeling achy, in pain or tossing and turning throughout the night due to discomfort. For over 60 years, Sealy has provided customers with different variations of innerspring, memory foam and latex foam mattresses. Their innerspring option stays true to the brands ability to produce a dependable mattress that’s designed to last.

As far as comfort goes, customers can expect a slight upgrade compared to other brands’ innerspring models. Sealy’s Traditional Innerspring comes with three layers of comfort enhancing materials. First is a memory foam top layer, which conforms to the unique shape of your body. Next is a Gel Orthozone II layer. This material is designed to draw heat off a sleeper’s body and maintain a cooler sleeping environment. Finally there’s the exterior fabric and quilting. Sealy has chosen soft and comfortable materials for the exterior of the Traditional Innerspring that invites owners to drift into a deep sleep.

Sealy Traditional Innerspring

Available mattress sizes for this model, include:

  • Twin
  • Twin Extra Long
  • Full
  • Full Extra Long
  • Queen
  • Split Queen
  • King
  • California King


  • 667 Innersprings. Sealy has got your back in mind when it comes to support. 667-patented Sealy coils line the foundation of the Traditional Innerspring so every inch of your body has better support. Enhanced support means deeper sleep, and deeper sleep means waking up feeling more refreshed.
  • Twice-Tempered Coils. To help prevent issues like mattress sagging, Sealy utilizes twice-tempered coils. These coils retain up to 98-percent of their performance and height so your mattress lasts longer. Unlike any other innerspring mattress brand, Sealy is the only business to use twice-tempered coils in their mattresses for extended life and durability.
  • Multi-Cushion Layers. In terms of comfort, Sealy adds to the support of the 667 innerspring design with multiple layers of addition comfort layers. On top of the coil system are layers of memory foam, Gel Orthozone II as well as the exterior fabric and quilting.


  • Couple Friendliness. Not only do many couples report their Sealy Traditional Innerspring lacks in support required for two people, but also that the mattress does not do a good job isolating their partners motions while resting. There’s nothing more aggravating than finally falling asleep only to be jolted awake by what feels like the bed below your body shifting around.

Sealy has specialized in helping their customers get the rejuvenating sleep they deserve for over 60 years with models like the Traditional Innerspring.Warranties are important. You want to get your money’s worth both in the sense of improved sleep as well as reassurance that if something happens to your mattress, you are not stranded with a useless investment. Sealy guarantees the Traditional Innerspring with a 10-year warranty.

When it comes to a sturdy traditional mattress design, Sealy has been perfecting their craft for over 60 years. In that time they have taken their Traditional Innerspring from a concept to a fully functional sleep solution. Between the additional coil coverage for enhanced back support, and the cushioning materials for a distinct level of comfort, this is one mattress design that can satisfy many. A mattress that delivers this kind of cost effective cozy comfort starting at $399 is one bargain that’s hard to say no to!

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