Mattress Size Matters.

Posted on Tuesday Jun 12, 2012

A lot of people ask us what is the ”right” size mattress to buy. The question is much more complicated than it would first appear. We have blogged about numerous health benefits of getting a good night sleep. Before you buy your next mattress we suggest you ask yourself these five simple things.

Five questions to ask before choosing the size of your mattress.

1. How big is the room the mattress will be in? You don’t want to have the bed take up your whole entire room. This will not create the ideal sleeping conditions and actually could cause you to get less sleep. Buy a mattress that fits your room. You want to have room to move around, store other personal items and create an overall place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Do this by making the most of your mattress.

2. How long will I be sleeping in this room? Sometime we move and buying a larger mattress just before a move can have lasting consequences. If you are going to be moving into a smaller room then look at buying a smaller bed or bigger bed if you are only going to be in your small room for a short time. Some mattress are very difficult to get in doorways, down halls, or upstairs. Think about buying a new mattress and having it delivered to your new house so you are not the one who has to move it. Leave it to the professionals.

3. Who else should be helping you pick out your mattress? Each person reacts to a mattress differently. If you go out and buy a mattress without talking to your spouse first the mattress may not give the same support he or she might need. Make mattress shopping a team adventure. Get one that fits both parties to ensure that both of you can get to sleep and stay asleep.

4. How old are your kids? If you have kids you know that occasionally they will sleep with mom and dad. This needs to be taken into consideration before you decide on a mattress size. Those with small children or who plan on having children in the future should think about buying a larger bed. Those who have kids that are grown, do not have kids or do not plan to have kids may save money and buy smaller sized mattresses.

5. How much to you toss and turn each night. If you do cartwheels while you sleep a bigger bed might be just for you. If you have ever fallen out of your bed or been pushed off your bed by a partner, thinking about getting a bigger bed may be just the thing you need. On the other hand if you don’t move very much while you sleep possibly buying a smaller bed could save you money and space in the bedroom.


A list of mattress sizes is diagrammed below or click here. Thank you for checking out these five tips, they should help you find the perfect size mattresses.

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