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Posted on Thursday Apr 12, 2012

So, I’m sure you have all noticed that it’s been a few months since this blog has been updated. Well, if you’ve seen the 80′s montage of the many ways to use a mattress in the most recent post, then you know that it’s very intimidating. How can I post something better than that? Is it possible? No, my friends. It isn’t. Sorry about that. So for now I will just give you a regular old mattress post. But in future, I fully intend to create something as awesome as that video. Mark my words.

We actually get the treat today to read a guest post from Emma Green. She’s pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself.

Serta Bristol Way Eurotop Mattress Review

by Emma Green

I have decided to write today about my own mattress that I use every single night.

When my husband and I moved into our new house, we didn’t have a bed. Our old residence had been fully furnished, so we never purchased one for ourselves. When I started looking for a mattress, I had a really hard time picking what type would be good for us. The mattress that I ended up purchasing for my husband and I is a “Serta Bristol Way Euro-top Queen-size Mattress and Box Spring Set.”

I know, that’s a mouthful to say. But I bought mine on overstock, and here is their little blurb about this set:

        “The Euro-top Queen-size mattress and box spring set by Serta Bristal Way features an extra layer of softness that cradles the body. The mattress also features double-tempered hourglass steel coils for lasting support.”

        • Features antimicrobial fibers to help reduce asthma and allergy triggers
        • Mattress set includes a Sertapedic Euro-top mattress and box spring
        • Double-tempered hourglass steel coil design that provides lasting support to the body
        • Serta’s heavy-gauge steel border rod provides enhanced edge support and a firm seating edge
        • Mattress set meets all federally mandated flammability standards with Serta’s patented FireBlocker system

Personally, I like our bed, and think that it is perfect blend of softness and support. However, my hubby doesn’t feel the same way. He hasn’t really liked our bed since we got it. I wrote a review for this mattress soon after it arrived, and it’s still on overstock. I will post it for you to read, and then add what needs to be added, having slept on the bed for nearly two years now.


“This is the first mattress I have ever purchased. I looked around for a good price, and this seemed to be the best in it’s category. I really don’t have a lot to compare this to, but it is comfortable to me. I had hoped for something slightly softer, but my husband has sleeping problems and he has slept very well since we got it. However we have a memory foam mattress topper that I put on after sleeping on the mattress alone for about a week, and my husband sleeps worse now that it is on. He says the mattress pad makes it too soft and gives no back support. I like it either way, so I’m sure we will take the pad off. The delivery men were very nice and worked around my schedule. One thing I will say is that though it advertises that it is better for allergies than the other one that is a bit cheaper, I have not found it to reduce our allergies at all. They may even be worse now. Then again maybe it’s just because it’s spring.”


I posted that review on May 10, 2010. It is a pretty accurate review of how I still feel about this bed. We did take off the foam mattress cover. My husband couldn’t even sleep with it on there. He likes a firm bed. I prefer a soft bed. Over time, this mattress has permanent indents where each of us sleep. So the springs have not been as supportive and stable as they probably should be. I still sleep well on it though. My husband still thinks the bed is way too soft for him. Just keep in mind when you buy this bed that it is a very soft bed. Too soft for some.

I believe that when it comes time to purchase another bed, we will go with an Intellibed  because they have the supportive gel mattresses, or perhaps we will get a sleep number or something similar so that my husband can have his “hard” bed, and I can have my “soft” bed. But for now, our Serta mattress is doing pretty well, and probably won’t have to be replaced for awhile.


Emma Green is an absolute sleep fanatic, and can’t function without a good 8-10 hours of shut-eye per night. She is also passionate about Nutrition, Emergency Preparedness, and Food Storage. Feel free to visit her blog at, or you may contact her with any questions about her mattress review, or food storage at



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