Comfortaire Adjustable Bases, Foundations and Frames for Better Supported Sleep

Posted on Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

Comfortiare bases, foundations and frames are designed to enhance the level of comfort you experience from your mattress.Your mattress supports you night after night, but what supports your mattress? A bed frame that’s been passed down through your family? The floor perhaps? It’s time to take a closer look at the base, foundation or frame of your mattress, because among other factors, your sleep health is dependent on the level of comfort your body receives from the ground up. Comfortaire has an impressive base, foundation and frame variety designed to make your bed fully responsive to your body’s needs while you sleep.

Bases, foundations or frames act as a buffer for comfort between the ground and your mattress. The elegant designs of Comfortaire’s list of bases, foundations and frames gives customers ample options. The Comfortaire adjustable bases they offer allow owners to enjoy an infinite amount of head-to-foot positions. They raise the body’s lower or upper body as well as provide a massage feature depending on the model. The frames, foundations and bases they offer are easy to use and offer optimal surface support. Best of all, they come in a range of prices to perfectly fit not only your sleep needs, but your budget as well.

Comfortaire Bases, Foundations and Frames

  • Comfortaire Silhouette ($1,674.99) – Features like built-in gentle massage vibrations, wireless remote for easy controls and the Whisper Quiet dually adjustable base motor await customers with this base option. The Comfortaire Silhouette in a word is, “dynamic.” This fully responsive system can bring your bed to life, and make falling asleep a routine pleasure and ease.
  • Comfortaire Shipshape ($1,299.99) – This base delivers a new level of sleep wellness through adjustably shaping comfort around your individual sleep needs. With the wireless remote used to control this base, owners can set either side of the bed to the ideal position at the push of a button without disturbing their partner.
  • Comfortaire Tranquility  ($189.99) – The functions of a foundation and a bed frame are merged into one with the design of the Comfortaire Tranquility foldable frame. This portable unit is strong and has the ability to support up to 3,000lbs. The tool-free assembly of this stainless steel frame not only delivers plush comfort and support, but also comes with a 14″ under-bed storage space as an added bonus.
  • Comfortaire Stratus ($130.00) – The unique design of Comfortaire’s Stratus provides a wooden base that is ideal for supporting your mattress and more importantly, you. Traditional wooden foundations typically are horizontally oriented. The Stratus features a vertical construction so the wooden slats run flush with your body’s natural shape and provides better surface support.
  • Comfortaire Breeze ($114.99) – If you have an existing box spring that you would like to continue using, the Comfortaire Breeze is the frame for you. Its sleek, solid basic frame is exceptionally easy to tool-free assemble so you can have your bed  ready to go with ease.


  • Comfort. 
  • Convenience. 
  • Low maintenance. 


  • Motor Malfunctions.
  • Weight.

The line of bases, foundations and frames offered by Comfortaire can manage almost any type of mattress.The product line of bases, foundations and frames Comfortaire offers go beyond comfort, into a high level of usability. This means, the adjustable capabilities of some of Comfortaire’s bases personalize your resting experience. Now you can read, watch television, sleep, eat or work in more comfortable positions that ever before. Also, these cutting-edge bases improve the body’s breathing patterns as you rest, so for example, those suffering from snoring or sleep apnea can now experience less frequent spouts of their sleep disrupting conditions.

From the ground to the top of your mattress, give yourself the tranquil rest you deserve. Comfortaire’s bases, foundations and frames not only elevate your bed, but also increases your body’s ability to get deeper, more revitalizing sleep. By adding state-of-the-art support for your mattress, you are improving the support your mattress gives you! 

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