adjustable beds An adjustable bed is one whose surface is multi-hinged. This feature allows the bed to be twisted into different positions. The beds were originally used in hospitals. Change of sleeping positions has several positive effects. Gel beds have gel mattresses enclosed in them. Gel mattresses have various features that enhance the comfort of those sleeping on it.Gel mattresses have gel cooling beads that bind to the foam mattress, and this improves airflow in the mattress thus regulating the temperature. The beads also strengthen the mattress thus preventing more sinking of the sleeper into the mattress.
Benefits of Gel Beds

  • It’s comfortable and long-lasting- this reduces the need to replace the mattress after every few months.
  • Improved air circulation is is enhanced by the gel beds.
  • Less sinking-gel beads make the mattress tougher thus reducing the rate of sinking. This is going to provide more relief to the sleeper. This is also going to provide a forum for better spinal cord-positioning. Proper spinal positioning is going to lessen the occurrence of back pains.

Benefits of Adjustable Beds

  • Provides an avenue for changing sleeping styles and lifestyles.
  • Provides comfort – the sleeper can adjust the bed to sleeping positions that they feel comfortablewith.
  • Reduction in levels of fatigue and lower back pain-when people sleep in the same position they tendto become fatigued and develop back pain in the lower regions.
  • Solves the digestive problems-when people sleep in an awkward position digestion may not occurwell. This bed solves this by providing the best position that will allow digestion to occur.

Use of gel and adjustable beds can be seen as a primary solution for many beds related problems. The beds will also provide a remedy to problems bed users are already experiencing. A plus for these beds is that they can fit and allow any bed alignment to be used.

adjustable bedsAdjustable beds offer a many benefits over conventional beds. Achieving correct position while sleeping is necessary and most of the times normal beds do not offer that. Deep sleep which should be treated as a very important factor in everybody’s life is not achieved since incorrect positioning and discomfort stresses the brain. Psychologists and neurologists also recommend adjustable beds for many patients suffering for various types of sleeping disorders.

Adjustable beds has multitude of benefits over conventional beds in certain respects like:

-It offers correct positioning while sleep.

-It offers deep sleep and thus helps the body to be stress free.

-Adjustable beds offer comfort and relief for lots of people suffering from:

  • Insomnia.
  • Back pain.
  •  Improves blood circulation and breathing.
  • Gets rid of snoring problems and even headaches and minor pains in body muscles.
  • Aids in diet and digestion during sleep.
  •  Patients suffering from arthritis in upper or lower body may benefit hugely.
  • Adjustable beds also gives relief to people suffering from fluid accumulation in legs and feet.
  • They can really provide ample support when people may decide to enjoy tv or work from bed.

Adjustable bed benefits are endless, so, one must be wondering:
How do adjustable beds actually work?

A typical adjustable bed is divided into one thirds. The upper and the lower part can be raised and lowered independently giving the user enough configurations to suit him / her and lock in the position that he / she feels most comfortable in. This mechanism is often driven by motors and generally controlled by a remote or an attachment made to the side of the bed.
There are certain beds which also come with a memory chip and controller; it can remember the most comfortable position of an user and automatically bring the bed to that configuration by push of a button.
Different beds come at different price ranges and some of them even have added features like message systems integrated.

Since it is almost clear that adjustable bed benefits are numerous compared to the normal beds, but these adjustable beds better work in conjunction with mattresses like memory foam mattresses to give the optimal health benefits, sleeping peace and comfort to the user.

Sleep According to Your Terms

Posted on Thursday Apr 16, 2015

adjustable beds For you to sleep better you need to have a cooling knit cover that keeps you fresh and cool. The Attune Design of Comfortaire’s latest adjustable beds  brings air to the top of the mattress and extent it from edge to edge. Body-hugging comfort reduces pressure point for relieving back, shoulder as well as neck pain enabling you to rest well and prepare for a new day with strength. This is comfort for life. You should consider the following factors that will always keep your night cool such as:

Personalized Sleep Experience

It is not a big deal when your partner differs in preference as you can adjust your side of the bed for your fit. Such adjustment is simplified as it can be done technologically by pressing a button even when you need to change while sleeping.

Perceptive Phase Foam

When phase changing gel is put in open memory foam, you simply get perceptive phase, getting a comfort layer that can transfer heat to maintain a good temperature for comfortable sleep. This also gives plush conforming durability of the gel memory foam.

Feran Ice Technology

Moisture transport helps to keeping a cool environment as Feran Ice having distinct hydrophilic function wicks moisture away than other fabric keeping you cool and sleep better.

Attune Design

This keeps cool air as you sleep putting your body in line with the bed. Luxurious mattress cover with a layer of plush comfort conforms perfectly to you.

Better and comfortable sleep requires good mattress and bedding to see you through a cool night. Comfortaire invented the first air-supported adjustable beds some many years ago. They specialize in individual adjustability for both sleep partners or pressure relieving benefit of air-supported sleep for instance invention of Attune Design to cater for the same.

GraPhase Foam: Best Sleep of Your Life

Posted on Friday Apr 10, 2015

adjustable beds Comfortaire is an innovative mattress company with over 30 years of experience. A good night’s sleep is vital for a productive and active life. When it comes to adjustable beds, Comfortaire offers some great options that you will not find at other places:

  • Adjustable sleeping preferences for both partners
  • Design tailored specifically for your unique sleeping needs
  • Moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable
  • Great covers made out of renewable bamboo offer softness
  • GraPhase Foam technology

These are just a few of Comfortaire perks. The GraPhase Foam is an especially innovative technology that will keep you much more comfortable than a regular mattress or even top-of-the-line memory foam mattress. But how does GraPhase Foam work and what makes it so great?
GraPhase Foam works in a unique way. It is a combination of a few different materials including a layer of open-celled memory foam, gel foam, and graphite. CoolFlow Memory Foam, ThermaGel Foam, and the graphite all come together to provide the best sleeping experience. These technologies will give you with a sleeping experience that will keep you comfortable and cool. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed every day.
The GraPhase Foam is a truly inventive product that works by bringing together the best parts of the most innovative technologies. It’s durable and long-lasting and it’s a perfect match for Comfortaire’s adjustable beds. Combined with Comfortaire’s 25-year warranty, you can’t go wrong.
Your bed is one of the most important places in your life. Not only is it a place where you relax, read, and watch TV, it’s also the place where you spend a third of your life sleeping. Adjustable beds offer the flexibility to fit your lifestyle and Comfortaire GraPhase Foam offers unbeatable comfort. Together, these technologies offer an unbeatable good night’s sleep. Wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Snuggling Up to the Ultimate Adjustable Bed

Posted on Tuesday Mar 31, 2015

adjustable beds There are complications of health that can come along resulting from lack of quality of sleep. Thanks to the adjustable bed, Comfortaire N17, I do not have to worry about that. Here are a few of its features that I liked, and I think are worth sharing with you.

  • Adjustability. The N17 is highly adjustable and is designed in a perfect structure, tucked in a sumptuous comfort layer. Another interesting feature is that you can have different conditions set for the two different sides of the bed. This is mostly because different people have different tastes as far as beds and bedding are concerned. One side of the adjustable beds can be set to be firm, while the other remains soft.
  • Air-support technology. The bed has air retention of highest caliber, with urethane air chambers through the entire top and sides of the bed. It gives me additional support for my deserving restful sleep. Pumping air into the adjustable mattresses is also not at all noisy.
  • Amazing covers. Everything from the covers, bed structure, mattress; name it, is designed to give you maximum comfort. The high density support is injectable with phase charging gel, providing me with a warm night sleep. In case of perspiration, the fabric is designed to keep the bed dry, along with feran ice that has the capacity to wick any moisture away owing to its hydrophilic properties. The N17 is designed to reduce eliminate any pressure points that may occur on your body to prevent that good night sleep that to its adjustable mattresses.

If you value your health, a good night sleep is not a debatable topic. You surely deserve it as you will need yourself healthy to go along with your businesses tomorrow. The Comfortaire N17 is just the right thing to go for, among other adjustable beds and adjustable mattresses.

adjustable beds After a tiresome day, everyone needs a haven that offers them an extreme comfort. When it is time to rest and relax, everyone needs a flawless mattress which would take away the tiredness and struggle of the entire day, Comfortaire U15 brings that comfort to you! Cuddle up, since the adjustable mattresses are in the form of one bedding and not twins like other flexible bunks.

An amusement changing bedding plan conveys unadulterated air support for greatest sleep advantages. A smooth spread touches your skin and helps keep you from encountering amazing temperature changes while you rest. A lavish solace layer supports you and gives extra control in keeping up body temperature.

A protected low-profile air chamber conveys air to the top for most extreme advantages over the whole surface of your mattress. Weight focuses are lessened so you thrash around less, remunerated with more soothing slumber. The impressive mattress uses best quality materials for comfort and long lastingness.

The adjustable beds have mattresses which are15 inches thick with a cover of cooling knit cover having a cooler touch to your body, which means you sleep and relax comfortably with no problems. Buying the mattress would be a really good option for all due to the following-

  • It is dust resistant.
  • It has a support thickness of 6 inches.
  • It has a plush feel.
  • The mattress of the adjustable beds is removable which makes it easy for you to handle.
  • You can clean it with steam cleaners.

These adjustable mattresses will bring get you the level of comforts which you have never experienced before. It is not going to be just the best bed, but the best one could ever sleep on anywhere. Comfortaire U15 provides the extreme comfort, extreme solace, and best sleep.

adjustable beds Have you ever imagined of sleeping on a mattress made of biodegradable and sustainable natural products? If you have never slept on one before, then adjustable beds are the best choice for you. Unlike the traditional beds, where 60% of materials used are from petroleum polyol. Comfortaire mattress is a unique one as the materials used in making the comfort foams is from bio-based polyol made from castor plants. Therefore, this type of bedding is environmentally friendly and free from chemical substance.

Materials of Adjustable Beds

When compared with the traditional bed mattresses, adjustable mattresses have a lot of improved features that includes:

  • Natural materials are used to construct the bed  – Apparently, bamboo trees are becoming the best materials used globally to make furniture, and of Comfortaire mattress covers are 100% made from bamboo pulp fibers. The use of bamboo in the construction of this adjustable bed was due to the following unique factors:
  • Bamboo trees grow naturally without chemicals or pesticides interferences – Unlike other trees that require to be sprayed with chemicals or pesticides regularly, bamboo trees produces an antibiosis that controls pests; therefore, they are resistant to bacteria, parasites, and fungi. In addition, people with allergies are encouraged to use this type of bed because the mattress ticking used are free from any chemical substance.
  • Bamboo trees have a high and luxurious fabrics – Silky soft treads from bamboo trees are spun to produce secure and luxurious fibers.
  • Bamboo has a unique ability to absorb moisture – An adjustable mattress made from this material offers an excellent permeability to the user. Additionally, bamboo is a natural deodorant and always smells new.

Adjustable mattress provides a broad range of features that make it unique from the traditional type of beds. The bed is adjustable, and the patented design provides total comforts and support to the user. However, if you’re interested in this type of bed, there are many varieties to make your choice. Moreover, a buyer is given a 25 years warranty and free shipping services immediately he/she purchases the bed.

adjustable beds Sleep satisfaction and pattern varies greatly among babies, children, teens and adults. On average, adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a night, however, the hours of sleep needed to maintain functionality varies with individuals. Sleep becomes less satisfying and restorative with age either due to aging, health or lifestyle. Additionally, the amount of sleep the average adult gets has been declining over the decades mostly due to the fast pace of modern life due to many responsibilities. In the senior years, senior citizens may have more time to sleep, but again they do not have adequate sleep

With adjustable beds, it has become possible to mitigate the increasing sleep deprivation that occurs with age. Adjustable beds are beds that have several hinges on the lying surface and can be inclined to several positions and also adjusted to several heights. Their most common adjustments include lowering and raising the lower and upper body independently of each other. Adjustable bed history can be traced back in England between 1815 and 1825. They are most commonly used in hospitals but have gained popularity especially for use in home care over the past few decades and are known to improve sleep patterns and quality as well as providing relief from various health conditions

Adjustable beds have made it possible to alter sleeping positions precisely as an individual would wish, to more closely match body contours is known to greatly help with back pains. The incline provided helps improve health by reducing chances of apnea and snoring. Being slightly upright during sleeping also helps digestion as it helps the body to process food during the night. Adjustable beds give better elevation to individuals with sprains or broken limbs thereby helping reduce broken limbs. This is mostly beneficial to individuals who spend most of the day working on their feet to improve the feeling and prevent conditions like varicose veins. In conclusion, adjustable beds have an advantage over traditional mattresses as they promote a healthy posture, proper blood circulation, pressure relief and customized support

Contoured Mattresses – Making Sleep a Bliss!

Posted on Thursday Mar 5, 2015

adjustable bedsSleep is indeed a bliss if the bed and the pillow are perfect. All one needs for a bed to be perfect is the correct firmness and support. Since every one has an individual preference for firmness, only adjustable beds and mattresses can provide the perfect restful sleep.

Perfect firmness relieves the pressure points and hence reduces tossing and turning. This enhances the comfort level and guarantees a restful sleep. Adjustable beds with contour mattresses allow to adjust firmness by adjusting the air pressure in the air chambers of the mattress – a typical feature of most Contour Mattresses. The air ensure relieving the pressure points virtually floats the body giving it maximum comfort. A contoured mattress conforms to the curves of the body and hence allows uniform weight distribution. Apart from adding to the comfort to sleep such mattresses also help relax the vertebrae and prevent ache at particular body parts due to bad posture or problems in joints.

An adjustable bed is incomplete without contour pillows. They generally get their conforming properties from visco-elastic memory foam and are designed ergonomically to give maximum comfort and proper alignment to the neck and the head. They also come in different shapes for different sleep postures.

The advantages of adjustable contour mattresses and pillows over their traditional counterparts are -

  • More restful and comfortable sleep.
  • Firmness adjustment by regulating air inside air chambers.
  • Lesser problems due to bad posture while sleeping.
  • Independent encased coils eliminate motion disturbances of sleeping partners and ensures uninterrupted sleep.
  • Substantial relief in case of Spondylitis and Arthritis.
  • Longer life and longer warranty periods from most brands.

People who have difference in choice of firmness of bed from their sleeping partners experience a much more sound and peaceful sleep with contoured mattresses and pillows of memory foam or air chamber owing to their individualized adjusting properties.

adjustable beds Adjustable mattresses are your luxurious and comfortable beds, very ideal for uninterrupted sleep; they can be elevated to higher positions permitting you variety of sleeping positions. In addition, these beds do not produce annoying creaking noise when you turn in your sleep.

Top 3 Tips for Choosing Adjustable Beds Vs Innerspring Mattresses

Adjustable beds are utilized in treating ailments such as sleep apnea within the hospitals and at home. The beds provide will provide you with healthy sleeping positions where your head is elevated higher than your body; thereby, clearing airways and permitting your lungs to breathe with ease. Innerspring mattresses contain coils and foam made into leveled even flat layers, this mattress is rigid and cannot be adjusted.

When you push the modifying switch of the bed, you are able to change your bed to positions that you deem comfortable when resting and allows you sleep to any preference. Conversely, innerspring mattresses constitute coils with covering over them of artificial material stuck together in a linear manner.

Adjustable beds permit variety of usage; adjustable mattresses can be pushed to an almost sitting position which may allow you to read; an indulgence that prepares you for sleep. With regular usage, innerspring mattresses have the tendency to sag, create dents resulting in uncomfortable sleeping positions. The latter mattress is static; laid flat on the bed and allows for one type of sleeping position.
Adjustable beds use ensures comfort despite the size of the individual laying on them. If you are a person who is plus size, adjustable mattresses offer you good peaceful sleep throughout the night. On the other hand, innerspring mattresses generate loud noises; when heavy weight is placed onto the bed, they are ideal for light weight persons who engage in minimal movement when asleep.

To sum up, adjustable beds and mattresses are advantageous over innerspring mattresses because they permit dynamic healthier sleep positions attributed to alteration to various inclinations, also, adjustable beds may be used for sitting whereas innerspring cannot; finally, adjustable are comfortable for all sizes of persons using them.


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